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Independent, focused, honest: e-learning consulting at skillbest

A company that has had little to do with e-learning in the past and now wants to establish digital training for the first time faces many questions. One in particular stands out: Who will take on responsibility the whole thing? There are basically two ways of establishing e-learning in a company: You can outsource it and get professional e-learning providers on board, or you can commission your own employees to deal with the topic. If the company opts for the latter option, mostly small teams, sometimes even individuals, are entrusted with establishing e-learning. This can become a problem, especially in large companies with several hundred or thousands of employees. It is hardly possible for employees who have had little contact with e-learning to develop high-quality e-learning on their own. The temptation to fall back on didactically inferior mass training courses is great. But it doesn’t have to come to that. The solution: independent, focused e-learning consulting. We at skillbest are not only active in e-learning development, but also provide companies with advice. We support e-learning departments in establishing digital further training measures. Through independent, honest e-learning consulting, we ensure that investments in e-learning achieve the desired effect. We use our wealth of experience to find suitable answers to individual questions and examine all relevant elements in the e-learning process – from the individual course to the respective learning platform.

e-Learning consulting

Factual and holistic advice with no ulterior motives

Some people are probably wondering whether we, who are active in e-learning development ourselves, can even do independent e-learning consulting. The answer: Yes, we can. The reason: It is our goal to make good, successful e-learning possible. Where the corresponding e-learning offer comes from is of secondary importance. It is important to us that it works and provides the target group with the added value it promises.

The fact that, as a provider of e-learning consulting, we also develop and sell e-learning ourselves is not a disadvantage – on the contrary. Only someone who has been involved in all steps of e-learning development and knows current trends, but also problems, can provide solid e-learning consulting. Because we deal with different requirements from different industries on a daily basis, we are able to provide specific answers to all questions that arise in an e-learning process.

There are almost countless adjustment screws that can be turned in order to solve or reduce problems in the establishment of e-learning. We find and turn these screws together with our customers. We create a solid basis on which we build successful further training measures together with the people responsible for e-learning.

e-learning consulting at skillbest also means keeping an eye on the budget. Since the investments for e-learning are always a bit higher at the beginning, we recommend working with milestones. If later requirements that are necessary for successful e-learning are also considered, such a milestone plan creates a good starting point for establishing e-learning efficiently and sustainably in the company.

We'll go into that together

The requirements
The requirements

What do you expect from e-learning consulting and what from digital training measures? Are there specific KPIs you want to achieve? Who is your target group and where does the learning content come from? We keep an eye on all these questions and find answers to them together.


Based on your investment volume, we propose approaches that correspond to your training budget and still enable high-quality e-learning. The goal: Hidden costs should be avoided in the future.

e-learning course

Together we look for a concrete goal of your further training measures and bring it into line with the corporate goals and your vision.

Internal team
The internal team

We provide assistance for the composition of the internal team and help to define roles. e-learning can only function in the long term if there are dedicated contacts for special concerns such as LMS problems, didactics or development.

The external team

e-learning requires professionals from all disciplines – from graphics to programming. Rarely can all steps be covered by one company itself. We point out the necessity and opportunities of external expertise.

Learning content

Before we take care of the learning platform or the technical implementation of the e-learning, we deal with your learning content. We look at what steps are needed based on this content and how you can package them in a way that suits the target group.

e-Learning consulting keeps an eye on all stakeholders and factors

e-learning is a deeply interdisciplinary matter. It not only affects the actual e-learning team, but the various departments and stakeholders. As part of our e-learning consulting, we examine internal and external factors to get the most out of e-learning.

As can be seen in the figure on the right, e-learning affects numerous departments within a company (here in green). This can often lead to blockages or delays. As an e-learning consulting provider with many years of experience, we recognize such internal hurdles and provide suggestions on how cooperation between departments and the e-learning team can be more efficient.

Since e-learning always has to do with people, there are numerous opportunities, but also challenges (here in blue), which we look at in the context of e-learning consulting: What labour law issues arise when learning is independent of time and place becomes? Can certificates increase e-learning motivation? What happens to the reports and can they put the learners under pressure? And very important: What does the concrete learner journey look like and where is there still a need for optimization? As an e-learning agency with a focus on e-didactics, we attach particular importance to the last question.

When these and all other questions have been adequately answered, it is time to take a close look at the specific implementation of e-learning (here in red). In this context, complex questions arise, which are clarified within the framework of e-learning consulting and solved for the benefit of the company.

e-Learning influencing factors