e-learning formats

We turn your knowledge into a didactically e-learning experience!

In addition to individually solutions across all e-learning areas, feel free to take advantage of our didactically high-quality e-learning formats. These technical and didactic products work are designed as templates, saving you resources while at the same time leaving you room for individual design tweaks.

Your added value: A combination of high-quality didactically e-learning formats that match your content and unique design.

Which e-learning format suits your training?

skillvid interactive learning videos


skillvid is the next generation of video training. This innovative approach focuses on interactive experiences that immediately captivate learners. skillvid offers you simulations of real-life situations. Let yourself be inspired by this e-learning format ‒ especially if you want to teach your participants social and communication skills.

skilltour - digital company and factory tours


A digital factory and company presentation or tour is your opportunity of the year! Present yourself and your company at digital trade fairs, in online meetings with new customers or use it as an interactive highlight in the onboarding process for newcomers.


Learning through excitement and engagement – this is what skillroom is all about. The virtual Escape Room is particularly enjoyable for participants and opens the way for them to interactive learning. Most important of all, this e-learning format enables you to identify tasks for your employees and to put them into premises or situations that directly relate to these tasks.



Our brand-new digital photo story format harnesses the nostalgia of classic teen magazine photo stories of the 1990. Updated to meet contemporary design standards, this image-based format is perfectly suited for communication, sales and other trainings that require action-oriented e-learning didactics.


The format skillvoice focuses on interactive audio learning. It simulates conversations to train and ideally prepare your employees for handling all customer calls and conversations typical for home office life to perfection. With the skillvoice training format, participants are shown a call list. Each call in this list is designed to train them for different actions and requirements. The big advantage of this format is that only audio recordings are needed for the simulation.


skillcards was developed to bring the fun and excitement of board games to e-learning. We design your individual game board packed with tasks and sections. The format is based on the principle of completing certain tasks per field. Of course, the game board is adapted to match your corporate identity!


Our skillsoft e-learning format was created to meet the need for target-oriented e-learning software simulations and trainings. While most software simulations are often video-only without any interaction, skillsoft focuses on current e-didact approaches and interactivity.


skillcube is our modular format for successful microlearning. The learning content is digitized using clearly defined modules that are prepared in a didactically high-quality manner in order to make sure you meet all the requirements of microlearning, and also those of your target group.


With the virtual job simulation skilljob, you can ensure that valuable know-how is passed on to new team members anytime and anywhere. The training, which participants can run several times, is perfect for short-term training.


Onboarding no longer has to be time-consuming and personnel-intensive. With our digital onboarding format skillstart, you save valuable resources and communicate work processes, your corporate culture and your values in a playful and sustainable way.


Answering inquiries correctly and adequately doesn’t always come easily! Our new e-learning format utilizes the potential of a chat bot/dialog simulation and packages e-learning content in an appealing and practical way.


Storytelling is a time-tested means of conveying knowledge and values. skillstory uses storytelling and transforms complex learning content into exciting stories that keep participants engaged and motivated.


skillfocus is focused and targeted learning – fun factor and added value guaranteed! Learners work through audio recordings or videos to discover violations or security vulnerabilities. Their goal is to recognize and point out these red flags by pressing the exclamation mark button. The ability of participants to concentrate is optimally trained, while the learning content is far better and more easily internalized.


For the skillspot format, we once again make use of a tried and tested video game genre: the point-and-click adventure approach allows learners to immerse themselves in interactive stories. Complex topics such as data protection or compliance are explained, trained and internalized in a playful and targeted manner.