skillvid interactive learning videos
  • Digitization of sales training
  • Training of negotiation situations
  • Promotion of argumentation techniques
  • Representation of conversational situations
  • Creation of an interactive FAQ area for customers
  • Design of product presentations at trade fairs
  • Simulation of daily routines
  • Onboarding

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Social skills in the digital world

Our interactive learning video format skillvid allows you to practice your skills in realistic situations. Immerse yourself in a realistic setting and acquire skills through digital conversation simulations.

Why does skillvid work so well? Playful gamification of the training allows for a relaxed learning atmosphere. skillvid does not force active participation ‒ we generate it naturally.

True to real-life situations, we create an interview scenario. The learner either asks the questions or has to answer questions in the form of a training. Each question leads to a new storyline with progressively more in-depth questions/answers on the training topic.

If you want to use skillvid for training, we can do it so that each participant answer is assigned a score. This creates the challenge of getting full marks and thus opportunities for improvement.

In-person trainings, such as sales or negotiation trainings, can be completely replaced with this e-learning format. Of course, we can adapt skillvid to match all your specific needs perfectly. For example, we can use the skillvid e-learning format to display your company’s FAQs on your website or to explain machine start-ups for your end customers.

Gaining skills without even noticing it. That’s the big advantage of skillvid!

e-didactic approach

skillvid e-edidactic

Advantages of skillvid interactive learning videos

Flexible learning

Location-independent training is not only cost-effective, it also allows participants to choose a time when they can learn most effectively, anytime and anywhere.

e-learning gamification
Active learning

Interactions and direct response options ensure that learners are always actively engaged and attentive during the training.

Realistic learning

Simulated discussions with real people on topics that are relevant to the learning goals ensure even better immersion.

Goal-oriented learning

The learning objectives actively motivate learners to achieve the highest score. Gamification elements deliver the right base.

individuelles e-learning
Customizable learning

Our training courses match your company’s CI/CD perfectly.

Feedback-based learning

Immediate reactions and feedback in the discussions with virtual conversation partners ensure a better understanding of the learning content.

Through a mix of gamification and virtual reality, we offer great added value for both the learner and the company.

Top features


Completing the training several times pays off! Thanks to different storylines, each playthrough of the training offers new experiences.


Would you like to do the training in several languages? No problem, we can provide you with a multilingual e-learning format.


The e-learning format is supplemented with subtitles and alternative image texts for a barrier-free training presentation.


Learning by playing helps learners remember the content effortlessly. An interactive learning video allows them to digitally immerse themselves in a new world.


To achieve the full marks, participants must answer all questions correctly. This motivates them to achieve the learning goal.


Of course, no game can do without a reward! The more points that are achieved, the more beautiful the trophies are.

AI - video translation

KI Videoübersetzung
Own video studio?

Do you have an in-house video studio? Then record your presenters’ video in their native language and use AI tools to translate the videos into multiple languages, lip-synced and in the presenters’ voice! This means that you only need to translate the interactions and you will receive a suitable video for all learners, in their native language.

Digital sales training in a car dealership

Digital Sales - Car Dealership
Digital Sales - Car Dealership
Digital Sales - Car Dealership
A day in a bike shop - onboarding for a franchise

Bikeshop Onboarding Franchise
Bikeshop Onboarding Franchise
Bikeshop Onboarding Franchise