e-Learning storyboard

The learning success of your training lies in a professional e-learning storyboard

In much the same way as you set about building a house, you need a detailed construction plan in order to be able to implement what you expect. In a way, it serves as a means of communication between all those involved. In principle, when creating construction plans, you also fall back on a professional, an architect. In the implementation of e-learning projects, this plan is referred to as an e-learning storyboard or e-learning script and has a very similar function.

e-learning storyboard

All project members can use a good storyboard as their own personal orientation.

This is not just about reducing the learning content to the essentials, but also about transferring it to a digital medium. The storyboard serves as a visual guide for your project. No e-learning course should be implemented in your company that is not based on an e-learning storyboard designed for your training.

Storyboards can vary greatly depending on the requirements. It is generally recommended to work with a large number of courses with standardized templates depending on the form of presentation, such as image and text-based training, video training or software simulations. Microsoft PowerPoint or Word are well suited to create and edit the e-learning scripts, since in most cases those software solutions are known to all project members.

Our e-learning storyboards are used to create individual e-learning formats to suit your requirements!

e-learning projektmanagement
Project planning

The e-learning storyboard is the foundation of every e-learning project. It not only shows the scope of the learning content, but also serves as a basis for offers. Plan more time at the beginning to establish a standard in your projects.

e-learning didactic

Together with you, we create a suitable script template for your current and future projects and provide the necessary e-learning didactics, which is ultimately decisive for the learning success in your training.


In the course of jointly recording the framework conditions for your e-learning, we select templates that ensure later exercise character and can significantly reduce development costs in the long term. Of course everything in coordination with your CI/CD.

e-learning company
You have a current project and would like to digitize a face-to-face training course?

Based on your training documents, we create a graphically high-quality e-learning storyboard that is completely geared to your individual learning content and identifies didactic elements that you can also use in future projects. Join us in the development process and learn live how we bring the learning content from the classroom training into an e-learning format with learning success!

We would also be happy to support you in implementing a new learning management system.