e-Learning platform

The basis for correct knowledge management

We remain open source and for good reason

There are countless e-learning platforms on the market. We see the philosophy behind open source as the only suitable solution for companies and educational institutions that want to centralize and disseminate knowledge. We advise our customers in choosing the right learning management system for their requirements. We have focused on one of the most common open source learning management systems ILIAS – suitable for from 5 to 5,000 employees.

e-Learning platform

With its community, Open Source builds on the principle of knowledge distribution and this is what makes it the perfect partner.

The requirements for the e-learning platform or the learning management system will be discussed with you and worked out in detail. Thanks to our experience, we can also provide you with new implementation ideas that are already established on the market and for which there are already extensions. With us, you are relying on an expert who not only provides important input for extensions to the learning management system, but also offers the opportunity to make individual technical adjustments.

An e-Learning platform for every requirement

e-Learning company
The e-Learning platform for companies

ILIAS is versatile! Thanks to its modular structure, ILIAS supports processes from SMEs to global corporations. Since we rely on open source when building e-learning platforms for companies, using ILIAS is not associated with any license costs or commitments. Due to the large market of companies for the support and development of ILIAS, you can be sure that you are making an investment that will not let you down.


Title e-Learning for educational institutions
A learning management system for mass events of educational institutions

ILIAS is similar to Moodle a learning platform which has proven it’s use in the private area and public educational institutes. ILIAS allows you to organize, design and implement complete curriculums. Adjust separate modules of your events so that they fit exactly to your curriculum. Extensive reports provide measurement data, that you ahve always wanted to collect in face-to-face events. The statistical data gives you information about the progress of the participants and also shows potential for improvement.

Public authorities in need of an LMS

ILIAS is a mass-market tool for publishing e-learning to many participants. Authorities in particular, which have to place high demands on the processing of knowledge, such as accessibility, etc., will not only be served well by ILIAS, but will also be surprised at how easily previous processes can be mapped using a professional knowledge platform.

Individual requirements

ILIAS is one of the most comprehensive open source learning platforms

ILIAS is one of the world’s most comprehensive open source software for learning management. Thanks to the mapping of complete university or complex company structures, management and HR managers have an overview of the current qualification status of their employees. The efficient, centrally controlled management of all learning processes by ILIAS reduces administrative work and costs. With ILIAS, companies, educational institutions and authorities rely on the open source LMS for the effective and efficient management of their training and further education processes when building their e-learning platform.

e-learning platform

The way forwards to individualContent development

Individual content development makes the difference between off-the-shelf training and training that is individually tailored to you.

Build on your company’s know-how and strengthen it with unique e-learning training courses.