skilltour - digital company and factory tours
  • Introduction of companies
  • Internal visualization of factory and production premises
  • Presentation of company for end customers
  • Showcase of worldwide locations
  • Visualization and explanation of production sites

Digital factory tours are a part of your company’s digitization journey!

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Digitally present your company from at your best.

skilltour is a digital presentation of your company or your production facility. This e-learning format is a combination of videos, 360° indoor and outdoor photographs, drone footage and other media. You can present every location in your company in an optimum professional light with this method.

What is the greatest benefit of skilltour? On the one hand, it is a cost-conscious way to introduce your company in onboarding processes. With skilltour, new team members will quickly understand and become familiar with processes and structures. From the right contact person to understanding how a plant works, skilltour covers everything you will need.

On the other hand, skilltour is ideal for acquiring new customers or giving cooperation partners a decisive company overview in the areas of organization, delivery or service.

With skilltour, you can target two key audience groups at the same time: new employees and new customers.

Advantages of a skilltour digital company and factory presentation

Knowledge archive

skilltour is more than just a way to introduce your company or factory! The entire corporate structure is clearly explained.

New employees

Introduce your new employees to the company structures in the form of a high-quality e-learning experience.

Company introduction

Do your customers want to get to know your company? Provide them with a company tour right on your homepage and save time.

Global sites

The digital company or factory presentations are great ways for outsiders to get to know global players quickly and in a more tangible and understandable way.

Avoid production downtimes

In-person visitors or factory tours often need production shut-downs, resulting in a complete stop to everyday work and production losses.

Always open

Even when your factories are closed for renovations, interested parties can still visit them at any time.

Make use of a tool suitable for both training and marketing with just one single content format.

Top features


A regular factory tour/company presentation greatly benefits from information about the department or the premises. We can provide this via video or audio.


Would you like to do your presentation in several languages? No problem, we can provide you with an e-learning format in any language you need. We are also happy to handle the translation of the English version into any language.


Drone footage shows your company or factory from a new perspective.

360° photos

With state-of-the-art 360° photos, you can simulate realistic visits to your company.


Enhance your presentation or tour with tasks for your new employees, e.g., having them find out for themselves which department they will need to visit to get information on a specific topic.

Contact persons

Introduce important contact persons through videos to make the company more approachable.

Presentation of a distribution warehouse with office spaces

Digital factory tour
Digital factory tour
Digital factory tour
Digital factory tour
Digital factory tour
Digital factory tour
Digital factory tour

It is undisputed that a successful corporate insight has great influence. For new customers and cooperation partners, factory tours are effective minutes to decide for or against a cooperation. If you’ve been conducting company presentations exclusively on-site, they can get an overview of their digitization here.