• Training of work tasks
  • Identification of problem solutions
  • Encouragement of suitable workplace behaviour
  • Illustration of processes
  • Onboarding
  • Training of new processes

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Gamified e-learning sounds exciting, doesn’t it? That’s because it really is exciting!

skillroom builds on the idea behind escape rooms, offering a true e-learning gamification experience. Your participants will be talking about this training for a long time, motivating them to try even harder and to reach new heights.

While many companies continue to torment their employees with hundreds of PowerPoint e-learning courses that are not only boring but also a waste of time, your training participants can now engage with your learning content in a way that is not only entertaining but also sustainable.

This is how skillroom works digitally: The learners enter virtual rooms on their own. where they are asked to solve different puzzles in order to progress to the next rooms. These puzzles are customized to fit your company’s job and skill requirements.

All visual design decisions are up to you. We will of course didactically revise the tasks working together with you. We could, for example, show a conveyor belt with which the participants will need to complete certain tasks. Or we can guide them to a hotel room that needs cleaning, or a larger machine where various switches have to be operated. There are no limits to your creativity.

Advantages of skillroom virtual escape rooms

Flexible learning

Location-independent training is not only cost-effective, it also allows participants to choose a time when they can learn most effectively, anytime and anywhere.

Interactive learning

Learners are placed in a situation where they must complete tasks or solve problems. The motivation gained from finally solving a finicky puzzle more than compensates for being tricked into learning.

Realistic learning

Simulated discussions with real people on topics that are relevant to the learning goals ensure even better immersion.

Task-oriented learning

We identify the learning objective and summarize the learning content, then work out didactically suitable tasks and create appropriate scenarios.

individuelles e-learning
Customizable learning

Of course, our skillroom training courses are adapted to perfectly match your company’s CI/CD.

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Feedback-based learning

We can implement multiple solutions to tasks; however, one thing remains the same: learners always receive immediate feedback on their chosen solution.

Transforming learningcontent into puzzlesbreath excitement intoyour e-learning course!

Top features

Multi-stage learning

Each room holds a new puzzle for your participants ‒ and with it a new eagerly awaited challenge for them to conquer!


Would you like to have skillroom in several languages? No problem, we can provide you with a finished training in any language you need.


The e-learning format is supplemented with subtitles and alternative image texts for a barrier-free training presentation.


You often don’t even notice you are learning by playing. The interactive learning video allows learners to digitally immerse themselves completely.


Do you want your participants to complete certain tasks within a predefined time limit? No problem!

Challenging learning

The level of difficulty of the tasks can be increased from room to room. This keeps it challenging, making it the e-learning smash-hit of the year in your company.

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