• Digitization of situations
  • Clear explanation of processes
  • Simulation of sales pitches
  • Presentation of problem solutions

Your story is worth it!

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

With skillshot, you can take advantage of an e-learning format that also inspires people who are not fond of reading or can get lost in details. The entertaining and at the same time highly valuable, skillshot trainings put storytelling at the centre of your training. With a digital photo story, you can show individual work steps, instructions, etc. in your company using photos and images. Using speech bubbles, an exchange of information in the form of a dialogue can be created. The conversations conveyed in the speech bubbles arouse interest and increase attention.

Compared to the classic print version, however, skillshot has a big advantage: interactability. With predefined text modules, you can change individual elements of the photo story and completely make it your own!

Advantages of skillshot digital photo stories

Cult-classic learning

Photo stories are a well-known and popular format and encourage new ways of learning.

Exciting learning

Photo stories hold the attention of learners with their exciting storylines.

Realistic learning

The story and associated tasks are chosen to be as close to real-life scenarios as possible.

Goal-oriented learning

Every decision in the simulation has a direct effect ‒ the consequences of your actions can be experienced directly.

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Customizable learning

Of course, our training courses perfectly match your company’s CI/CD.

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Feedback-based learning

Even if there are multiple solutions to a problem, learners receive valuable feedback immediately.

Bullet points fade ‒ photo stories are forever!

Every photo story is unique.

Multi-storyline learning

With skillshot, every decision leads to a new, exciting plot line in the story.


Would you like to do your photo story in several languages? No problem, we can provide you with a finished training in any language you need.

Task-based learning

As in real life, skillshot is focused on solving tasks and making decisions.

Simulated learning

The learning content is conveyed in the form of a realistic story. This ensures clarity and practicability of the knowledge gained.

Aesthetic learning

We use professional photographers to take the pictures for each photo story, making sure that the end result is suitable for your company.

Practical learning

Employees are placed in situations that can happen in real life. This is how skills are acquired.

Training for the representation of situations on the construction site

skillshot - Digital Photostory
skillshot - Digital Photostory
skillshot - Digital Photostory
skillshot - Digital Photostory
skillshot - Digital Photostory
skillshot - Digital Photostory