• Promotion of remote communication
  • Proper behaviour on calls
  • Conversation simulation
  • Digitization of sales training
  • Recreation of real situations
  • Support personnel
  • Simulation of daily routines
  • Onboarding

Interactive audio learning

Free advice and support

Through listening to the new competence

We are all familiar with listening comprehension exercises from foreign language classes. Someone says something, and another person reacts to it. With our skillvoice e-learning format, however, we take this principle to the next level. Learners listen to realistic conversations and then have to solve interactive quizzes, tasks and questions.

This situation is a familiar and everyday occurrence for remote support staff. This is why skillvoice is very close to real-life work and immerses participants in a familiar situation.

With this e-learning format, it is possible to check, for example, what is important for new employees to learn based on previously identified work processes. Depending on which work processes were identified, different scenarios are created and presented in our e-learning format as people calling the learner.

Conference calls with several participants can also be simulated ‒ just like complete screen sharing simulations.

Advantages of skillvoice audio trainings

Flexible learning

Location-independent training is not only cost-effective, but also allows participants to choose a time when they can learn most effectively, anytime and anywhere.

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Active learning

Interactions and direct response options ensure that learners are always actively engaged and attentive during the training.

Realistic learning

Simulated discussions with real people on topics that are relevant to the learning goals ensure even better immersion.

Goal-oriented learning

The learning objectives actively motivate learners to achieve the highest score. Gamification elements deliver the right base.

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Customizable learning

Our training courses match your company’s CI/CD perfectly.

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Cost-conscious learning

Due to the primary use of audio, the development of a skillvoice training only requires comparatively small investment costs.

Conversation simulations via skillvoice prepare your team perfectly for any customer interaction.

Top features


Completing the training several times pays off! Thanks to different storylines, each playthrough of the training offers new experiences.


Would you like to do the training in several languages? No problem, we can provide you with a multilingual e-learning format.


The e-learning format is supplemented with subtitles and alternative image texts for a barrier-free training presentation.


Learning by playing helps learners remember the content effortlessly. Interactive audio scenarios allow participants to immerse themselves in the learning content.


To achieve the full marks, participants must answer all questions correctly. This motivates them to achieve the learning goal.


Of course, no game can do without a reward! The more points that are achieved, the more beautiful the trophies are.

Work task simulation as remote training

skillvoice -audio e-learning
skillvoice -audio e-learning
skillvoice - audio e-learning
skillvoice - audio e-learning