• Introduction of new software
  • Easy-to-understand customer training for your software
  • Easy-to-understand showcase of handling
  • Visualization of software workflows
  • Optimization of onboarding for new employees
  • Comprehensive showcase of changes in software solutions (new processes)

Interactive software simulations

Free advice and support

Much more than just a screen capture

Every day, more and more software solutions are used regularly for all kinds of work processes. These programs are becoming ever more complicated and suitable software simulations are often unavailable. This is where skillsoft comes in. The e-learning format for companies conveys the learning content and processes necessary for operating the software into the best possible way. skillsoft is prepared to meet your every need, regardless of whether you are looking for a simulation of a desktop application, a board computer, a car or an app.

With skillsoft, we convey the learning content in three steps: theory, exercises and quizzes. The theory is taught in a kind of remote training, in which the learners become familiar with the software. Then, the participants have to practice what they have learned by solving various tasks supported by virtual “teams of experts”. The task to be solved is shown and the participant has to interactively react in the decisive moments. This approach in particular is highly time- and cost-efficient for your company without sacrificing the quality of employee training. Finally, the training is concluded with a quiz that serves to deepen the knowledge gained and summarizes the important processes.

Advantages of skillsoft software simulations

Flexible learning

Location-independent software simulation is not only cost-effective, but also allows participants to choose a time when they can learn most effectively, anytime and anywhere.

e-learning gamification
Active learning

By subdividing the training into theory, exercises and a quiz with matching interactions, the software simulation is engaging and exciting!

Realistic learning

In the software simulation, we represent realistic situations and recreate additional software elements such as warning messages.

Goal-oriented learning

If points are assigned to the individual tasks, you can add an element of gamification to your software simulation.

individuelles e-learning
Customizable learning

Our training courses match your company’s CI/CD perfectly.

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Cost-conscious learning

By making the training a fun and enjoyable game-like experience, the learning success is multiplied!

With a skillsoft software simulation, you can easily and efficiently make your team fit for new workflows.

Top features


skillsoft realistically maps workflows in the software and offers learners an entertaining and enjoyable online training experience.


Software simulations should explain future tasks easily and clearly. For a proper understanding, simply explaining functions is not enough. Only through interactive learning does the content become second nature!


Would you like to do the software training in several languages? No problem, we can provide you with a multilingual e-learning format.


The e-learning format is supplemented with subtitles and alternative image texts for a barrier-free software simulation.


In order to achieve the full marks, participants must complete tasks. This motivates learners to achieve the best score, making sure the learning content becomes second nature.


Of course, any challenge also requires suitable rewards. The more points were achieved, the more beautiful the trophies are.

Software simulation for SEO web application

skillsoft - software simulation
skillsoft - software simulation
skillsoft - software simulation
skillsoft - software simulation
Software simulation for a smart home APP

skillsoft - software simulation
skillsoft - software simulation
skillsoft - software simulation