• Communication of tasks and values
  • Compliance
  • Safety training
  • Product launches
  • Processes
  • Marketing strategies
  • Employee behaviour (tasks/services)

While the didactic approach is “micro,” the success of e-learning is “huge”!

Free advice and support

Targeted knowledge on demand!

Regular e-learning training courses usually involve an old-fashioned presentation, as is also the case in face-to-face training courses. skillcube takes a radically different approach and uses microlearning to create a playful e-learning experience. The central element of skillcube are the five building blocks attention, learning, interactivity, repetition and testing. With the help of these building blocks, the learning content is revised and digitized. The result is a successful e-learning solution that guarantees learning success. But how exactly does it work?

Revising the learning content based on the skillcube building blocks ensures that only those elements that make sense for the participants are included in the e-learning training. Simultaneous and targeted measuring of the results makes knowledge deficits visible in real time and guides the participants to the right solution in a playful and stress-free way. Thanks to the didactic approach of gamification, the e-learning solution looks more like a computer game and less like a boring mandatory training course. This keeps the motivation high, attracts attention and helps learners to focus on essential content.

While the five building blocks always remain the same, the content and look of the e-learning format can be adapted to match your company. Each skillcube project is based on your CI/CD and is specially developed for the end devices that the participants use to complete the training.

Our skillcube building blocks

skillcube process

Advantages of skillcube

Flexible learning

Our microlearning format works on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktop computers, allowing participants to learn whenever and wherever they want.

e-learning gamification
Active and autonomous learning

The microlearning approach promotes active learning.

Exciting and interactive

Our didactic e-learning format thrives on a mix of theory, practice and exercises. This makes for exciting learning content, keeping motivation high.

Effective learning

Learning success is guaranteed as the learning content is prepared using our five building blocks.

individuelles e-learning
Customizable learning

All training courses are individually tailored to your needs.

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Efficient learning

Well-prepared learning content is an investment in the future and ensures long-term resource savings.

Microlearning is not a fad, it is a real change in approach!

Top features


At its cire, skillcube is designed according to the didactic approach of gamification. Designing an e-learning course like a game encourages learning.


Microlearning thrives on interactivity. Small tasks and challenges ensure that learners stay highly motivated.


If you want to make your microlearning course globally available, we will gladly handle the translations for you as well.


Accessibility is an indispensable part of corporate culture. On request, we can implement our microlearning format to be barrier-free.


To make microlearning even more efficient, we can assign scores or achievements to the game.


For optimal e-learning success, rewards must go beyond simply right/wrong feedback ‒ of course also with skillcube.

skillcube in action!

Executive training as didactic microlearning

skillcube - microlearning
skillcube - microlearning
skillcube - microlearning
skillcube - microlearning
skillcube - microlearning
skillcube - microlearning