• Explanation of work steps
  • Consulting and service training
  • Communicating corporate culture and values
  • Company presentations
  • Integration of (safety) instructions

Digital onboarding saves time and human resources!

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Onboarding onPulse of the times

For decades, onboarding processes have looked like this: New employees are assigned mentors or buddies who show the newcomers the work processes and help them get started. Don’t get us wrong: It’s important for people to collaborate and socialize with each other. We’re just convinced that staff-intensive onboarding doesn’t make sense in all areas. In industries with high turnover, onboarding can consume an enormous amount of resources. New employees have to be familiarized with the same work steps and values over and over again. We believe that in the 21st century, things can be done differently – with digital onboarding, as offered by our e-learning format skillstart.

skillstart replaces lengthy onboarding processes with interactive task packages that new employees can complete at a pace that is comfortable for them. They acquire knowledge and skills digitally and then put them into practice in the workplace. Mentors or buddies are only needed for more complex tasks and are thus relieved. Digital onboarding not only saves time and money, it also takes pressure off new employees. Playfully and without stress, skills are trained that are essential for business success.

But that’s not all: digital onboarding can be combined with other skillbest e-learning formats. Two examples: With our digital corporate management skilltour, you give employees an overview of your company in the course of onboarding. Our interactive audio learning skillvoice prepares newcomers for conversations or telephone calls in a targeted way before they actually start.

The advantages of skillstart at a glance

Absolutely flexible

skillstart works where learners need it. We adapt your learning content for smartphone, tablet or desktop.

e-learning gamification
Conserving resources

With skillstart you save valuable time and human resources.

Exciting and interactive

Our e-learning format combines theory and practice in a playful way. This makes for exciting learning content, keeping motivation high.

Sustainably successful

Digital onboarding enables an ideal start to work and avoids unnecessary processes, which has a positive impact on the company’s success in the long term.

individuelles e-learning

Learners can decide for themselves how often and when they go through the learning content. This takes away stress and insecurities.

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Always up to date

Individual work steps change? No problem! skillstart is individually tailored to your company and can be adapted as needed.

The future of onboarding processes is digital.

Top features

Practical relevance

skillstart is based on the learners' everyday work and simulates work processes as they occur in practice every day.


The tasks of skillstart have mini-game character, provide a high motivation level and promote learning behavior.

Simulated learning

The learning content is presented as real-life stories. This generates attention and anchors work processes better in the memory.

Feedback-based learning

The learners receive continuous feedback and are motivated to complete tasks that have not been solved quite correctly again without pressure.

Hard Facts

skillstart offers the possibility to integrate information about the company, the corporate culture or values into the onboarding process.


Accessibility is an indispensable part of corporate culture. On request, we implement skillstart barrier-free.

Digital onboarding not only conveys tasks, but also the corporate culture!

Onboarding for a bakery

skillstart - digital onboarding
skillstart - digital onboarding
skillstart - digital onboarding
skillstart - digital onboarding
skillstart - digital onboarding