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  • Onboarding processes
  • Communicating corporate culture and values
  • Integration of (safety) instructions

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Send learners on individual hero's journeys

The last millennia have proven that good stories work – think, for example, of the Bible or the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. But what makes these stories so effective? If Joseph Campbell has his way, it’s heroines and heroes. The American scientist is considered the discoverer of the hero’s journey. This refers to a pattern that runs through almost all of humanity’s great stories. Heroes and heroines dive into foreign worlds, overcome hurdles, master challenges and return strengthened to the familiar world. Marketing and PR have learned to use this age-old storytelling technique and regularly send customers or employees on hero’s journeys. And we at skillbest do too.

With skillstory we create unique hero journeys based on your learning content. Learners become heroines and heroes who must complete various tasks on their way to e-learning success. And believe us: Even topics like risk management or data protection can be turned into hero’s journeys.

In order to turn dry learning content into exciting e-learning with storytelling, we use familiar elements from films, books or video games. If, for example, the search for correct answers is linked to survival elements, the learners’ attention and motivation increase. It is also conceivable, for example, to have the learners become the heroes and heroines of a detective story. Only when all the clues have been correctly linked, the case can be solved. As you can see, the possibilities for turning learning content into effective e-learning with storytelling are almost limitless.

The advantages of skillstory at a glance


Learners immerse themselves in the stories and become heroes and heroines. This provides additional motivation.

e-learning gamification
Diverse and individual

Learners have the choice between different characters with different characteristics.

Interactive learning

Storytelling elements make dry learning content exciting and keep the motivation level constantly high.

Active and autonomous learning

The decision-making behavior of the learners has a direct influence on the course of action. This automatically puts you in an active position.

individuelles e-learning

Save options and re-entry points allow for a stress-free e-learning experience.

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Efficient learning

Exciting stories are more effective than text-heavy presentations. Learning content is thus more easily anchored in people’s minds.

Good stories are much more efficient than dry knowledge transfer

Top features

Simulated learning

Dry learning content becomes exciting stories. This generates attention and anchors knowledge better in the memory.

Variable courses of action

The stories are as individual as the learners themselves.

Complexity reduction

By processing them in the form of exciting stories, complex topics lose their horror.


The tasks and hurdles are reminiscent of situations from video games. Learners acquire knowledge and values through play and without pressure.

Rewards and feedback

Right decisions are rewarded, wrong ones sanctioned. Learners thus receive immediate feedback.


Accessibility is an indispensable part of corporate culture. On request, we implement skillstory barrier-free.

This could be your story

The spooky house can be combined with learning content

skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling
skillstory - e-learning storytelling