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Goldfish level, no!

8 seconds. That’s how long the average person can concentrate at a stretch – and the trend is downward. The much-cited attention or concentration span is repeatedly the subject of studies and discussions. And yes, we also think: It is a problem when people unlearn to deal with content in a concentrated way – especially in the e-learning area. But we also think: Many e-learning offerings do precious little to promote focused and concentrated learning. Long-winded videos and poorly designed PDFs are a real challenge for learners to get distracted and not engage intensively enough with the content. That is why we have developed skillfocus, an e-learning format that aims at focused and concentrated learning.

skillfocus puts the learner’s attention at the center of the learning process. They follow a conversation modeled on a situation from their everyday work. For example, they watch or listen to a meeting or a business lunch. Of course, not everything goes perfectly in this conversation. Compliance violations or any security risks have crept in. Learners must pay close attention to every word, every utterance. Because: If you don’t pay close enough attention and reveal potential violations via the call sign button, you lose points.

Thus, the attention span cannot shorten to goldfish level at all with skillfocus. After all, e-learning success depends on focused engagement with the content. Learners are motivated to intensively receive even complex learning content such as compliance or information security. This trains the ability to concentrate and ensures that important messages are delivered accurately.

The advantages of skillfocus at a glance

Flexible learning

The learning experience is not bound to time and place. Focused and concentrated learning takes place where learners want it.

e-learning gamification

Unlike many traditional e-learning offerings, learners do not remain in a passive role, but must always be ready to respond.


Learning contents are packaged in conversation processes as they occur in everyday work.


The visible score motivates learners to actually discover all violations.

individuelles e-learning
Flexible and customizable

Whether compliance training or sales training: skillfocus adapts to your learning content.

e-Learning company

Through focused engagement, content is sustainably internalized and better put into practice.

Goldfish-level attention? Not with skillfocus.

Top features

Attention training

skillfocus is designed to keep attention constantly high and to promote concentration.

Risk sensitivity training

Potential compliance issues or security gaps are permanently anchored in the learners' memory.

Real conversation processes

skillfocus offers real scenarios from the learners' work environment.


Through the scoreboard, learners can see how many infractions they have accounted for and better assess their performance.


Learning with skillfocus is easy due to the simple operation (call sign button), but just because of this extremely effective.


Accessibility is an indispensable part of corporate culture. On request we implement skillfocus barrier-free.

Did he/she really just say that?

Recognize compliance violations in conversations

e-Learning Listening Comprehension
skillfocus - focus and concentration
skillfocus - focus and concentration
skillfocus - focus and concentration