• Data protection issues
  • Compliance topics
  • Information Security
  • Mediation of work steps
  • Mapping of real working environments

With skillspot, e-learning success is just a few clicks away!

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Added value through interactivity and realistic scenarios

Traditional training courses designed to teach complex topics such as data protection, information security or compliance usually suffer from two things: They lack interactivity and realistic scenarios. With our e-learning point-and-click skillspot, we take a different approach and deliver an interactive, real-world, hands-on e-learning experience worthy of the name.

Especially when it comes to bulky topics, learners are often fobbed off with explanatory videos or presentation slides to click through. The problem is that such low-interaction offerings based on the motto “seen or clicked through = passed” rarely lead to successful learning. What is needed are interactive elements that keep learners engaged and exploring a topic on their own. Our e-learning point-and-click thrives on interactivity. Learners solve tasks by clicking on elements of a scenario and are familiarized with the content in a playful way. Additional media formats such as videos or quizzes complete the learning experience.

Comics or pictograms are often used to convey compliance directives or data protection guidelines. However, this does not establish a reference to the real working environment of the learners. In practice, the contents taught are then often difficult to implement. That’s why at skillspot we focus on realistic scenarios. Learners click their way through work environments that are true to detail and can adapt to corresponding situations in practice ¬- keyword recognition effect.

skillspot sends learners on a business trip or to a meeting and lets them scan the environment for potential clues or sources of danger. Can I use the public WLAN to finalize the customer presentation? What do I need to be aware of when handling confidential documents in a crowded airplane? Questions like these can be the focus of e-learning point-and-click, and learners can work through and internalize them in a fun way.

The advantages of skillspot

Flexible and independent

The learning experience is not bound to time and place. Learners learn in a more focused way and deal with learning content in a more concentrated manner.

e-learning gamification

Learners do not remain in a passive role, but become active agents.


Learners become part of a real-life story. This keeps motivation and attention high.

Realistic and practical

At skillspot, learners click their way through realistic work environments. This ensures recognition effects and more success in practice.

individuelles e-learning

Complex topics such as data protection or compliance can be prepared in a playful way with skillspot and conveyed accurately.

e-Learning company
Efficient learning

Through accurate placement, you save valuable time and personnel resources in onboarding processes, for example.

Exciting learning on the spot!

Top features


The tasks are reminiscent of a point-and-click adventure game. Learners acquire knowledge on complex topics playfully and without pressure.

Realistic environments

Instead of comics or animations, skillspot contains realistic scenarios that are adapted to the learners' working environments.

Complexity reduction

The playful treatment takes complexity out of unwieldy topics.


Images, texts, videos or quizzes: various media elements help to ensure that learning content is optimally internalized.

Ad hoc feedback

Learners see directly how many clues/risks/hazards they have found and can better assess their performance.


Accessibility is an indispensable part of corporate culture. On request we implement skillspot barrier-free.

I pack my suitcase and take with me ... Privacy!

Point-and-click information security

skillspot - point & click e-learning
skillspot - point & click e-learning
skillspot - point & click e-learning
skillspot - point & click e-learning