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...because further training measures are important to us!

As a professional e-learning provider, our mission is to create exciting and sustainable learning experiences. Packaging content in a fun, engaging and effective way is not just a job for us. Developing effective e-learning has become a way of life for us. We have a genuine interest in the individual know-how of our customers and the needs of the learners. That is why we specifically address the requirements and wishes of our customers in every consultation and create e-learning far away from the mainstream.

To give you a better idea of our services, we offer you the opportunity to receive a free e-learning draft. The draft is created on the basis of any learning content (for example, instruction, product training, or management training) and contains – depending on the type and scope of the learning content – an entire chapter or the first PowerPoint slides. However, you will not only receive a proposal for the graphic implementation. Rather, we would also like to share with you our ideas for execution and our e-didactic considerations.

All we need from you is time for a short kick-off meeting, existing PowerPoint presentations that you would like to map into an e-learning, and possible design guidelines from your company (CI/CD guides).

If you like our approach and the idea of execution, we will be happy to complete the entire project for you. Of course, you will then save those elements that have already been completed via the free e-Learning pilot – a kind of new customer discount, so to speak.


In order for us to develop your individual pilot, the following should be considered:


  • Companies from Austria, Germany or Switzerland (DACH region)
  • Neukund:in
  • More than 300 employees
  • Existing training in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (in German or English)
  • CI/CD guides of your company
  • A kick-off meeting (max. two hours, remote)

What you get:

  • Free e-Learning Script Design (as PowerPoint presentation)
  • e-didactic structure
  • Ideas for implementation
  • Presentation of the design (max. two hours, remote)
  • Offer to complete the e-learning minus the elements developed in the pilot.

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