e-Learning production

Practice-oriented instead of just theory-based!

The production of e-learning courses is a complex process that requires expert knowledge from various fields. We see ourselves as experts in the production of e-learning courses and support our customers in the creation of individual and professional e-learning solutions.

An e-learning production starts with the conception of the course. The objectives of the course, the target group and the technical requirements are defined. This is followed by the creation of the storyboard, which defines the structure and content of the course.

e-learning produktion

Fit for the future instead of just fit for today!

The next step is to create the content. For this purpose, experts from the respective fields, such as didacticians, authors and graphic designers, are consulted. These experts ensure that the contents of the course are presented in a comprehensible, clear and target group-oriented manner.

After the creation of the content, the implementation of the e-learning production takes place. Here, the content is integrated into the chosen learning platform and the navigation and design of the course are created. Experts, such as programmers and graphic designers, are also needed for this.

A successful e-learning production requires the cooperation of experts from different fields. Didacticians ensure a sensible structure and preparation of the content, authors and graphic designers ensure an appealing presentation of the content, programmers and graphic designers ensure a technically and visually appealing implementation.

An important factor for a successful e-learning production is the observance of technical requirements and standards. Here it is important that the learning platform used and the technical requirements for the learners are checked in advance.

Successful e-learning production requires time, patience and expert knowledge. As an e-learning company, we are well prepared to help our customers create customized and professional e-learning solutions and successfully meet the challenges of e-learning production.

e-learning company
You have a current project and would like to digitize a face-to-face training course?

Based on your training documents, we create a graphically high-quality e-learning storyboard that is completely geared to your individual learning content and identifies didactic elements that you can also use in future projects. Join us in the development process and learn live how we bring the learning content from the classroom training into an e-learning format with learning success!

We would also be happy to support you in implementing a new learning management system.