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Target-oriented training instead of just standard measures!

As an e-learning service provider, we support companies in improving digital knowledge transfer. We offer our customers a wide range of services from the conception to the implementation of e-learning courses.

An e-learning service provider is able to grasp the requirements of the company and develop a custom-fit concept for the implementation of the e-learning course. This includes creating learning content that is aligned with the target audience and learning objectives. An e-learning service provider plans, monitors and implements all the milestones from learning content to the script for the implementation of the e-learning course.

e-Learning Dienstleister

Effective learning instead of just wasting time!

We offer our customers the possibility to provide the training content on different platforms, such as LMS (Learning Management System) or mobile devices. By using interactive elements, such as quizzes or videos, we help to make the training sessions interesting and varied.

Another important concern of an e-learning service provider is the evaluation and optimization of e-learning offerings. This includes evaluating learning statistics to measure the effectiveness of training and improve learning content as necessary. Participant feedback also plays an important role in optimizing offerings.

Overall, an e-learning service provider is an important part of the e-learning team and ensures that training is successful and effective. His experience, knowledge and skills help to ensure that the training content is structured in a didactically sensible manner and that optimal learning progress is guaranteed.

Another important aspect that an e-learning service provider must consider is the use of modern technologies and tools. He must ensure that the platforms and tools used are up-to-date, user-friendly and comply with the latest standards. By using advanced technologies and tools, the e-learning service provider can ensure that the trainings are engaging, interactive and provide a better learning and user experience to the participants.

An e-learning service provider often works closely with the client to ensure that the training meets the needs and expectations of the business. He must be able to understand the needs of the customer and adapt the training accordingly. A good flow of communication and close collaboration are therefore important to ensure that training is successful and meets the desired outcomes. An e-learning service provider is also responsible for ensuring that training courses comply with applicable data protection regulations and that participant data is processed securely. He must ensure that the training courses are secured not only from the technical side, but also from the legal side.

Overall, an e-learning service provider can help companies improve digital knowledge transfer and make training more effective and successful. He helps design, implement, and optimize e-learning courses, ensuring that training meets the needs of the business and the participants.

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You have a current project and would like to digitize a face-to-face training course?

Based on your training documents, we create a graphically high-quality e-learning storyboard that is completely geared to your individual learning content and identifies didactic elements that you can also use in future projects. Join us in the development process and learn live how we bring the learning content from the classroom training into an e-learning format with learning success!

We would also be happy to support you in implementing a new learning management system.