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The Girls Go Circular initiative sets out an ambitious goal: by 2027, it aims to introduce at least 40,000 European girls, aged 14 to 19, to the realms of the circular economy and digital skills. This endeavour is facilitated through an online learning platform complemented by in-class teacher support. This comprehensive approach not only imparts knowledge about the circular economy but also nurtures digital proficiency and entrepreneurial mindset among the participants. The hybrid learning module developed by Skillbest places particular emphasis on the pivotal role of semiconductors and how they shape our everyday lives. This module is further enriched with an exciting entrepreneurial challenge, designed to boost participants’ entrepreneurial skills.

Girls Go Circular
Hybrid Learning
Deep Technology
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Hybrid learning

Deep Technology

Entrepreneurial Mindset


Interview with Cornelia Crucean
  • Why was this initiative launched?

Systemic barriers still prevent talented female and male students from choosing STEM and ICT subjects. In the European Union, women constitute around a third of STEM graduates (covering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and only 19% of ICT specialists (Information and Communications Technology). More than ever, there is an urgent need to involve students and women in the development of innovative solutions to global challenges. Hence, Girls Go Circular aligns with the European Union’s objectives of closing the gender gap within STEM and ICT sectors, as well as nurturing the talents essential for the digital and green transition commencing at an early age. More specifically, Girls Go Circular contributes to the targets outlined in the European Commission’s Digital Education Action Plan and the New European Innovation Agenda. EIT RawMaterials is committed to promoting gender equality in the raw materials sector and we firmly believe that this initiative will help to attract female students to study in this field. We are convinced that increasing the representation of women in STEM and ICT can yield a strong positive impact on the European economy and the green transition.

  • A Teacher Guidebook is available as part of the programme, including dedicated guidelines for the semiconductors module. Why are such guidelines relevant?

Teachers play a crucial role in implementing the learning programme, as they motivate and mentor students, dedicating class hours to the programme or organising extracurricular workshops. To support teachers in implementing the programme with their students, the Teacher’s Guidebook offers thorough guidelines, tips and tricks, and alternative activities on implementing each learning module.

  • Why are entrepreneurial competencies promoted in the project?

Girls Go Circular’s learning methodology is focused on the intersection between circular economy, technology, and entrepreneurship. Confronting contemporary challenges such as climate change and the digital transition requires nurturing talents that can bring innovations to life, while advocating for an economic system grounded in circular principles. The essence of our approach lies in instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and skills, essential components for catalysing transformative innovations. More specifically, our objective is to empower young girls to be at the forefront of innovation by equipping them with critical thinking and a hands-on mentality cultivated through real-life scenarios.

  • What are the initiative’s ambitions for the future?

Girls Go Circular is on the way to extending its reach to all countries in the European Union. In 2024, the initiatives will expand to Spain, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, and Slovakia, covering with this all 27 Member States. Girls Go Circular will continue supporting the Digital Education Action Plan and the Deep Tech Talent Initiative within the New European Innovation Agenda, ensuring that young girls acquire digital skills and are introduced to deep tech topics. All learning materials will be revised and updated to include deep technology elements to prepare the young generation for future market needs, ensuring a fair representation of women in the STEM and tech sectors. Through our Junior Alumni community that is being shaped, we aim to support and retain talents in STEM and ICT studies and careers.

Girls Go Circular - Classroom
“The Girls Go Circular learning programme is very flexible, with digital exercises to be completed both from home or as group work in the classroom, ensuring that the learning content remains accessible at all times.”

Cornelia Crucean – Cross-KIC Education Project Specialist – EIT RawMaterials

Cornelia Crucean
  • Why did you choose skillbest?

Finding the right partner was pivotal for us, someone who not only comprehends our vision but also brings forth creative ideas to captivate our target audience. skillbest proved to be the perfect match, seamlessly aligning with these requirements. Their expertise in the field of semiconductors, coupled with a rich experience in crafting interactive learning content, has been invaluable to our collaborative efforts.

  • What did you particularly like about the collaboration?

The skillbest team demonstrated a keen attention to detail and remained accessible to us throughout our collaboration. Their ability to quickly understand our needs and provide robust support made us feel confident in the collaboration and well-supported. We look forward to future partnerships with skillbest!

Learning path

Benefits forthe learners

  • Inspiring success stories

Young girls are encouraged to follow STEM and ICT studies by showcasing inspiring success stories of women in tech, such as the semiconductors industry.

  • Up-to-date

The learning contents are shaped based on current economic needs and topics.

  • Awareness

Through targeted awareness-building, we embed sustainability in learners’ education pathway, complementing the school curricula.

  • 24/7 availability

Learners enjoy unrestricted access to the learning programme and can flexibly plan their individual learning journey.


40 000

young women

The learning programme will reach over 40,000 young women aged 14 to 19, sparking their interest in the fascinating world of circular economy and technology.

Girls go circular Halbleiterschulung


Redefining a Company on the Path to a Green Future

In an engaging interactive challenge, students take on the role of executives within a semiconductor company. This immersive experience offers them the chance to formulate crucial measures and strategies aimed at steering the company towards a sustainable future. Students delve into the key components of market success, ranging from reshaping the corporate identity of their company to crafting a distinctive product. They map out the manufacturing process and integrate eco-friendly and circular economy strategies into it, striving to position their semiconductor company as a leader in the field and a role model when it comes to sustainability.

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Girls Go Circular
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