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Token Engineering Academy

Cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips – but not in all virtual wallets by a long shot. The Token Engineering Academy, the first educational institution in the field of token engineering, aims to change that with its digital education offering. Since 2020, the company has been offering courses and events on this exciting yet complex topic of the future. Particularly demanding content such as token engineering requires mature e-didactic concepts, varied learning content and clear structures. We designed all of this together with the Token Engineering Academy. Based on the input of international experts, we developed suitable templates in the company’s corporate design as well as an e-didactic guideline and provided consulting support.

Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung
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Course development

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Course development and consulting

Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung
  • Responsive design
  • Teamwork made easy
  • Key visuals for the recognition effect
  • Clear structure
  • Conversation simulations
  • Simulated learning

Complex topics require sophisticated concepts and technical finesse.

Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung
Interview with Angela Kreitenweis
  • Please briefly explain what exactly the Token Engineering Academy does.

With pleasure! We are the first educational institution dedicated to the young crypto discipline of token engineering. With our course offering “TE Fundamentals”, we offer all interested parties a scientifically sound introduction to the world of token engineering and lay the foundation for a common understanding of this future topic in the haze of cryptocurrencies. So far we have received more than 2700 registrations. Each week, students come together online to learn in eight languages and across ten time zones.

  • How did you manage to digitize the complex content?

With discipline, teamwork and strong partners. We had to keep to a tight schedule: Hundreds of pages of existing scripts had to be digitized in just six months. At the same time, several international experts and partner companies were working on it. With this concentrated know-how, we made it on time. The courses are online and are accepted by people from all over the world.

  • What challenges did you face during this intense period?

Everything stands and falls with our complex theme. Token engineering is so specific that it requires tailored delivery to create learning experiences. The biggest challenge was certainly the question of how to prepare content in such a way that it is understandable for interested laypersons, meets scientific requirements, and also functions digitally. skillbest has provided us with innovative, workable answers to this question.

  • Speaking of skillbest, how was the collaboration?

skillbest was on hand to advise us throughout the entire course development. From the very first meeting, the collaboration was characterized by professionalism and open communication. The skillbest team recommended the Articulate Rise tool and developed a pilot that put us on the right track. As a result, skillbest created templates in our corporate design and an e-didactic guide. Thanks to in-depth training and accompanying meetings, we were able to enter the content ourselves and finalize the courses.

"We want to increase the number of token engineering experts and work with them to tackle this future topic. This only works with customized e-learning that shines in terms of both technology and content."

Angela Kreitenweis – Founder TE Academy – Token Engineering Academy

Angela Kreitenweis
Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung 3
Learning Paths

A clear outline facilitates learning

The experts of the Token Engineering Academy have structured the contents modularly and clearly. This facilitates structured learning and makes it possible to focus on the content without over- or under-challenging.


Learning on all devices

Desktop, tablet or rather via smartphone: Responsive design is indispensable, especially for long trainings, complex content and a diverse target group. Together with the Token Engineering Academy, we make cross-device learning possible.

Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung
Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung
Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung
Token Engineering Academy - Kursentwicklung