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Digital onboarding

With a unique portfolio of products and technologies for sensors, lighting and visualization, ams OSRAM is one of the market leaders for optical solutions. Aspiration and motivation: explore and realize new technologies. Around 22,000 people work on this every day. This high number of employees requires an up-to-date onboarding process. Together with ams OSRAM, we have rethought digital onboarding and developed an interface that significantly shortens familiarization times and ensures successful entry into the company.

ams OSRAM - digitales Onboarding

Tone from the Top

Corporate Identity Visuals

Buddy system

Simulated workplace

Welcome Newcomer

Digital onboarding

A successful onboarding process starts before the first day of work. Already after the commitment, employees should be prepared step by step for their new task. This creates security on the employee side and saves the company time and personnel resources. In the case of ams OSRAM’s digital onboarding, new employees are welcomed by the head of the global Talents and Rewards team. This Tone from the Top is not an isolated video, but part of the e-learning. Employees actively engage with it and perceive the greeting as authentic and motivating.

Digital Buddy System

A buddy helps

Mentors or buddies are a fixed component of face-to-face onboarding. We have digitized the proven buddy system and made it a fixed component of digital onboarding. Throughout the e-learning process, employees have a virtual buddy who provides them with information and details about the company. All on a collegial basis, of course. The integrated question and answer options are based on the most common questions employees have in traditional onboarding processes.

ams osram - e-learning
  • Personal salutation: More than a "Hello you!"
  • Additional motivation through Tone from the Top
  • Simulation of the future workplace
  • Practical exercises and feedback
  • Storytelling keeps attention high
  • Part of the employer branding

Digital onboarding means: the best of both worlds.

Digitales Onboarding
Interview with Anna Kohlbacher
  • Why was the onboarding process digitized?

The merger of ams and OSRAM has grown us as a company. The increased number of employees required a new, modern onboarding system. skillbest then delivered exciting ideas and designs for digital onboarding that excited our team.

  • How did the idea of a virtual buddy come about?

The buddy system has proven itself in the classic onboarding process. Each employee is assigned a buddy who can be pestered with questions. skillbest has suggested that we digitize this proven system and answer initial questions even before the actual activity begins. As we can see, this works very well.

  • What is your personal project highlight?

That our executives have embraced digital onboarding and give it a personal, authentic touch to their messages. This was perceived as extremely positive by our new employees.

  • How did the cooperation with skillbest work out?

In workshops, we developed and sharpened the content together. From a multitude of information, a common thread and a coherent story emerged. During development, care was taken to ensure that extensions on our part are always possible. skillbest developed the idea of simulating a workplace that can be successively expanded with new tasks. All in all, I can say: a harmonious, professional cooperation at eye level.

"Digital onboarding is indispensable in times of hybrid work - for companies, but especially for their new employees. It makes the start in a new job easier, creates identification with the corporate culture and motivates immensely. Best conditions to create a good atmosphere."

Anna Kohlbacher, Global Employer Branding & HR Marketing – ams OSRAM

Anna Kohlbacher

Advantages forthe company

  • Successful start from the first day
  • Knowledge of processes and corporate values
  • Sustainable integration of new employees
  • Higher motivation and mindfulness
  • Saving of time and personnel resources
  • Strengthening the employer branding
Digitales Onboarding

Key facts and corporate values

Employees learn the most important facts and figures about ams OSRAM in a playful way. They identify with the company during their first week on the job and are proud to be part of the team. This is how employer branding must work.

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