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e-Learning in fire protection

The Humanomed Group unites under its umbrella leading private healthcare institutions, Humanomed IT Solutions and the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Psychology Carinthia. As in every large company, regular training courses for employees are part of the daily routine at Humanomed. A classic: the annual fire safety training. Together with skillbest, the content of the training was digitized and enriched with interactive elements.

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Why was the content digitized?

Fires in companies can cause massive damage to both health and the economy. Precisely because it is so important to know about correct behavior in the event of a fire, the relevant content must be conveyed accurately. Training courses or simple explanatory videos often cannot do this or can only do it inadequately. Instead, there is a need for recurring realistic training sessions that transform participants from passive spectators into active agents. Humanomed has decided to implement exactly that.

Together with skillbest, an interactive e-learning offer was developed that simulates a fire case in everyday work. The participants become the protagonists of a story and have to get to the safe assembly point by following the correct fire safety rules. Storytelling elements are used to promote an understanding of the importance of fire safety and to increase the awareness of employees.

Brandschutz e-Learning
Interview with Stephanie Schuller
  • In 2021, you started implementing e-learning. How do you look back on the process?

When creating our own learning content, we had to learn how to use an authoring tool. This was challenging at first, but worked out well thanks to the support from skillbest. And you can’t underestimate the time it takes to plan the script. But good things take time. If you want to create effective e-learning, you have to invest the appropriate amount of time in preparing content. Looking back, I can say that the effort was more than worth it. The feedback is great, our employees are already looking forward to further trainings.

  • How did you manage to target a seemingly simple topic like fire safety?

Fire protection is immensely important, especially in the healthcare sector. That’s why we wanted to tell stories that would be engaging and help people really internalize the content. Together with skillbest, we have developed a scenario that could occur at any time in the daily work of our employees. The fire alarm is triggered and employees have to decide how to deal with potentially dangerous situations. The training participants playfully learn everything they need to know in case of an emergency.

  • Why is individual training development important to you?

The healthcare sector thrives on individuality and trust. This means in terms of in-house training: Off-the-shelf training doesn’t work for us. We need customized solutions that convey our content accurately and also convey our corporate values. At the same time, e-learning must meet certain requirements for us, such as multilingualism. All this is only possible with individual training.

  • How does the cooperation with skillbest work?

It was important for us to get the necessary framework to create smaller learning content on our own. skillbest has provided us with appropriate templates that we can work with excellently. However, we place special topics entirely in the hands of skillbest. The professionals then develop the respective learning content together with our in-house experts. On this basis, we will continue the cooperation and successively expand our digital training catalog.

"Off-the-shelf e-learning doesn't work in healthcare. That's why we rely on customized solutions that are sophisticated in terms of content, didactics and technology."

Stephanie Schuller, MSc. M.Ed – Humanomed

Stephanie Schuller Humanomed

Advantages for theLearners

  • Realistic situations prepare for emergencies
  • Storytelling keeps attention and motivation high
  • Content can be repeated regardless of time and place

Advantages forHumanomed

  • Employees internalize important contents
  • Framework in Humanomed's corporate design creates recognition value
  • The employer brand is strengthened (employer branding)
e-Learning in fire protection

Brandschutz e-Learning
Brandschutz e-Learning
Brandschutz e-Learning
Brandschutz e-Learning
Brandschutz e-Learning