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Effective risk management through e-learning
KLINIKUM AUSTRIA - the health group

Risk management belongs on every corporate agenda – especially in healthcare. All levels of a healthcare organization must be appropriately trained to respond quickly in the event of risk and to prevent harm to employees and patients. Together with KLINIKUM AUSTRIA GESUNDHEITSGRUPPE, one of Austria’s leading hospital operators, we digitized the in-house risk management content and turned it into an interactive e-learning course that brings all employees of the group up to the same level of knowledge and creates awareness of risk issues.

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Questions from the practice

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Klinikum Austria - Risikomanagement
Interview with Markus Reiter
  • Why did you decide to digitize risk management content?

Risk management is one of the cornerstones of a functioning company. This is especially true in healthcare. It is our task to avoid or minimize risks for patients and employees. On the one hand, this means that the content must be really internalized, and on the other hand, that all employees in the group must be brought up to the same level of knowledge. For these requirements, e-learning is ideally suited.

  • How do your employees benefit from the new digital learning offering?

You can learn as independently of time and place as possible and really focus on the important content. Some digital content can completely replace classroom training; for more complex topics, we rely on a blended learning approach that ideally combines e-learning and classroom sessions.

  • Why didn't you purchase a prefabricated e-learning product, but instead opted for a customized solution?

It’s true, e-learning offerings on risk management topics are a dime a dozen. However, we did not want to torture our employees with interchangeable, dry content, but rather confront them with exercises and questions from practice and offer them real added value. This not only gives employees more, they also learn better and more effectively.

  • What was particularly important to you during implementation?

Digitizing the risk matrix. Filling these was otherwise always a rather boring and dry affair. The digital version, which was specially developed using JavaScript, is interactive and invites users to engage with the content in detail.

"Especially in the healthcare sector, risk management is indispensable and must be anchored at all levels. Through e-learning, we not only reach all employees across the board, but also succeed in anchoring topics such as risk identification, reporting and avoidance in the consciousness in the long term."

Markus Reiter, Quality Management and Data Protection Officer – HCC Health Care Company GmbH

Markus Reiter
  • Why did you choose skillbest?

skillbest brought exactly what we were looking for: Creativity, e-didactic and technical know-how and the willingness to develop individual solutions together with our experts.

  • What do you appreciate about working with skillbest?

The honest feedback and communication at eye level. skillbest does not want to sell, but is interested in real solutions.


Interactive risk matrix

  • Adequately classify risks
  • Set targeted measures
  • Evaluate probability and damage
  • Present residual risk

Advantages forthe learners

  • Availability

Learners have access to the content around the clock and can learn independent of time and location.

  • Awareness

All employees have the same level of knowledge and share an awareness of risk management.

  • Interactivity

Active instead of passive: Interactive elements promote motivation and concentration.

  • Security

The e-learning can be integrated into the onboarding process. This gives security right from the start.

e-Learning Risikomanagement



The e-learning on risk management already supports more than 80 managers of KLINIKUM AUSTRIA GESUNDHEITSGRUPPE and creates awareness for risk issues.

e-Learning Risikomanagement
e-Learning Risikomanagement
e-Learning Risikomanagement
e-Learning Risikomanagement