e-Learning development

e-Learning development with learning success as the goal

Our project flow shows how e-learning development á la skillbest is created

Once decided for us, then there is no turning back! Our e-learning development is carried out professionally and according to predefined procedures. These processes probably also remind you a lot of marketing projects, and you’re absolutely right. The e-learning development is nothing else than the marketing of knowledge – sustainable and targeted.

You will not only become part of a project process with us, but also take away a lot of useful information for the design of further e-learning projects.

e-Learning Entwicklung

e-Learning development is and remains interdisciplinary

Our team of e-didacts, designers, content authors and developers will guide you step-by-step through each stage of our e-learning development process. Current project statuses are visible to you, as our project workflow passes the ball back and forth between you as the customer and the buyer, or us as the e-learning agency. This means we take your feedback, adjust the course, and let you review the changes at your leisure.

We have developed our own project planning software for our e-learning development, which provides you with a live status of the individual work packages on request. The approach we have established over the years ensures transparency, which ultimately guarantees ongoing quality assurance. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality e-learning trainings that show you value digital training and thus inspire your employees.

e-Learning development

Learning materials


Learning content is usually available in different formats and media. Be it PowerPoint presentations, videos, notes or ideas. Gather the relevant content you have planned for the training. Often, the content also comes from classroom training that needs to be digitized.

Kick-off workshop

Customer, skillbest

We meet in a joint kick-off workshop with the goal of building a common thread that ultimately results in a learning outcome. Together with your experts, we review the content and create the first e-didactic concepts. In addition to assigning roles to ensure the project runs smoothly, it is also important at this stage to consider the target audience and target endpoints. A good Learning Experience is guided by this.



A prototype helps us get a first impression of the e-learning setup. It shows which e-didactic formats are used and also classifies them according to their form of implementation. The design already makes the structure visible, shows first story elements, interaction possibilities and the Learner Journey. First speaker texts show the interaction with the learner set to music. The prototype is discussed in the form of an initial graphic script in PowerPoint. It also shows you how e-learning can work to match your CI/CD!

Feedback I

Customer, skillbest

After the presentation of the prototype, it is important to discuss the structure and future steps. Answer any questions that arise and set common future milestones to achieve the goal of the training.


Customer, skillbest

It is important to us to get the best out of your future e-learning, so after the initial feedback round, it is also important to talk about enhancements that learners need to best deliver the learning content.

Graphic script


The graphic script is a visually almost finished draft of your future e-learning. In addition to the graphics, it already contains all the speaker texts and also visually shows the interaction ideas with descriptions of the functions. It helps you validate the script and helps us develop it in the respective authoring tool. It is also the starting point for e.g. proofreading or translations into different languages.

Feedback II

Customer, skillbest

This feedback session is important! Together we discuss the graphic script design, its interactions and, of course, the voiceovers. As soon as the graphic script receives your OK, the voice actors are commissioned and our authoring tool developers are eagerly awaiting the script.

Authoring tool


The e-learning is implemented with your desired authoring tool according to the graphic script discussed in advance. The speakers are entered and the subtitle is integrated. The new online training will be prepared for final feedback and made available to you LMS-ready.

Feedback III

Customer, skillbest

The last feedback always simulates live operation. The export from the authoring tool is provided to you and you can publish it to your learning environment (LMS). Enroll a small group for training and do a final sign-off by also reviewing the features and Learning Experience.



Small adjustments were still integrated by the third feedback round and now it’s time for the final delivery of the e-learning training to you and your learners.



Didactic concepts bring long-term added value to your e-learning.