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Aromapflege - Evelyn Deutsch-Grasl

Our nature is a rich medicine cabinet – provided that one knows how to activate and use natural healing powers properly. With their own health school, Evelyn Deutsch-Grasl and her team carry this valuable knowledge to the outside world. In courses people learn to use oils, hydrolates and medicinal plants professionally in aroma care, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. The offer is aimed at interested lay people and employees in the health and social sector. More than 450 hospitals and care facilities already rely on Evelyn Deutsch-Grasl’s know-how. In 2020, the company, which has two locations in Tyrol and Vienna, decided to gain a foothold in the digital space as well. With the help of professional e-learning, knowledge about the healing powers of nature is made accessible throughout the German-speaking world.

Interview with Evelyn Deutsch-Grasl
  • Why did you digitize your health school?

On the one hand, we realized in lockdown times that classic forms of mediation were not enough for us. Healthcare e-learning must be able to do more than videos or standard webinars. On the other hand, demand was so great that we would soon have reached our limits with classroom training, even without a pandemic. Traditional training courses are not scalable, or only to a limited extent. That’s why it quickly became clear to us: We need a contemporary digital solution that does justice to our content and enables us to reach people regardless of time and place.

  • Where were the challenges?

Firstly, our trainings are very long – 16 units covering two days. Secondly, in aroma care we work primarily with fragrances. Since digital olfactory communication had not yet been invented, we were initially faced with big question marks. skillbest has turned these question marks into call signs.

  • How did you manage to digitally depict the topic of "smelling"?

With a scent case integrated into the training. Before the start of the online course, we send participants a fragrance kit. During the course, learners are then repeatedly asked to smell the samples and solve corresponding tasks. In this way, we link online and offline content, which, in combination with professionally prepared videos, ensures practical situations and prevents screen fatigue.

  • How is the feedback?

The feedback has been consistently positive. We were initially concerned that the units would be too long. However, since learners are free to manage their time, this concern has proven unfounded. The exercises with the scent case are particularly positively highlighted. And I am convinced that the focused work without time pressure will help you to internalize the content even better.

"An essential component of our courses is smelling. With the scent case, we have succeeded in mapping this topic digitally and losing none of the charm of classroom training."

Evelyn Deutsch-Grasl – Aromapflege

Advantages forLearner

  • Practical relevance through scent case

Before starting the e-learning, learners are sent a fragrance case with numbered samples. With the help of special exercises, these scents are determined and their effect is internalized.

  • Professional videos

All content is presented using professional video sequences that make the learning experience exciting and entertaining.

  • Method mix

A sophisticated mix of explanatory sequences, online and offline exercises keeps motivation and attention high and ensures learning success.

  • Modular structure

Learning content is divided into meaningful chapters and topic packages. Each section contains a reference to the estimated learning time, which ensures optimal planning capability.

Aromapflege e-Learning

Live feedback leads to learning success

Learners receive feedback after each chapter. You know immediately which exercises went well and where there is still room to catch up. In addition, the chapter overview shows how many questions were answered correctly in total. If the course has been successfully completed, learners receive a certificate as final feedback.

E-learning in healthcare