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Leadership training as e-learning

How much overtime is allowed? Who can employees contact in matters of labor law? What do you need to look for in critique conversations? Knowing the (correct) answers to these questions is a basic prerequisite for surviving in the demanding job as a manager. AVL, one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies headquartered in Graz, knows this and has developed a corresponding HR leadership training program. Together with skillbest, this leadership training has now been digitized. Without wanting to turn them into HR managers, the e-learning provides managers with basic HR knowledge and prepares them ideally for their tasks. The focus: interactive elements and examples from practice.

Human Resources - Führungskräfte
Human Resources - Führungskräfte
Interview with Verena Egger
  • Why has leadership training been digitized?

Understanding the basics of HR work and knowing about labor law dos and don’ts is part of every manager’s imaginary toolbox. It is precisely because this knowledge is so essential that we have decided to digitize management training. The e-learning not only made the important content more appealing and easier to convey, but also made it available permanently and – not insignificantly for a company with more than 90 locations – across borders.

  • Where were the challenges?

We do not want to turn our managers into HR managers or keep them from their daily work, but still provide them with the necessary basic knowledge. This balance had to be maintained. So breaking down the many contents and dividing them into meaningful time packages was certainly one of the biggest challenges within this project.

  • Is there anything that surprised you during the project?

That digitization does not automatically mean being able to cut learning content. In the joint planning with skillbest it became obvious that e-learning is not a light version of learning content. The art is rather to convey the same important content better, more beautifully and, above all, more effectively. skillbest has shown us that this can also be implemented for theory-heavy topics.

  • What is the feedback from learners like?

Very good throughout! As a leading technology company, we are already accustomed to recognizing and leveraging the benefits of digital solutions. This is also reflected in the use of digital leadership training. In addition, the content can now be consumed in individual time slots, which allows executives to deal with the topics in a stress-free and focused manner.

"We don't want to turn managers into HR managers, but we want to prepare them perfectly for their everyday work. With our digital management training, which conveys theory-heavy topics in an appealing and, above all, interactive way, we succeed in doing so."

Verena Egger – Team Leader HR Quality Assurance – AVL

Verena Egger
Human Resources - Führungskräfte

Advantages forLearner

  • Practical relevance

Theory and practice are combined through case studies and appropriate visualization that brings people into focus.

  • Interactive elements

All content is linked to interactions. The advantages: higher motivation to learn and recognition effects in everyday work.

  • Modular structure

Learners have a choice: they can complete the leadership training in a linear fashion or jump to individual chapters for targeted practice.

  • Individual feedback

Learners know at all times which chapters have gone well and where they still need to catch up. Typical errors are specifically addressed.


By, with and for people

People are at the center of HR work. For this reason, attention was also paid to appropriate visualization in the development of the digital leadership training. A video in which HR management directly addresses the learners rounds off the e-learning.

Human Resources - Führungskräfte
Human Resources - Führungskräfte
Human Resources - Führungskräfte
Human Resources - Führungskräfte 4@3x-100
Human Resources - Führungskräfte 4@3x-100