e-Learning for B2B customers

An effective tool:e-Learning for B2B customers

That's why you should rely on e-learning instead of classroom training in the future to score points with your trading partners.

Product training for dealers

It is hard to imagine everyday professional life without e-learning. In the meantime, it is no longer just a part of internal training in companies – digital training and education are an important element in conveying sound and comprehensive technical as well as product knowledge to B2B customers such as dealers or partners. Whereas in the past, on-site training was predominantly used, e-learning is now the tool that enables companies to address their respective target groups in an even more targeted manner with customized content.

This form of B2B continuing education is a hot topic in almost every company. Not only because advancing digitization is driving many industries to change, but also because the opportunities offered by the new digital channels in particular are almost limitless and can be tailored to any company. In addition to increased efficiency – since it is simply direct, uncomplicated, and completely independent of time and space – B2B e-learning can also provide companies with entirely new impulses. As a result, it lets customers interact with the corporate brand for a longer period of time – a remarkable feat, considering that traditional marketing campaigns often involve capturing customers’ interest for several seconds or minutes.

Within the last few years, therefore, its importance has increased enormously: e-learning has become one of the most important sales and marketing tools. Through the combination of flexible information flow on the one hand and measurable performance indicators on the other, it is revolutionizing the business world like no other medium. Read also our two-part series e-Learning as WIN-FACTOR for companies.

Customized e-learning for B2B customers

As a regional e-learning provider from Austria, our intuitive as well as simulation-based e-learning solutions provide companies on the one hand with a powerful tool to create formative learning experiences and on the other hand with a valuable marketing tool. Especially companies that want to fully expand their sales should integrate e-learning as a fixed component in the future.

The range is diverse, from quality management training to special product group training and application-oriented training that addresses real end-customer issues. Dealers are thus prepared in the best possible way. You will get valuable sales strategies for the actual target group and the product will be distributed better. Ultimately, this increases sales and the competition can be outdone by good sales.

Following a holistic approach, the e-learning solutions are intelligently linked by means of didactics, methodology and simulation. A wide variety of e-learning formats enable interactive, guided and self-directed training units – supported by audios, videos, graphics, texts and animations. Dealers, partners and customers are thus not dependent on being present on a specific training day or presence date, but can participate at a suitable time and on an ongoing basis. skillbest creates training and education sequences individually adapted to the needs of your company, based on real-life scenarios. The content is developed together with experts from your company.

Increase sales with appropriate interactive sales training for your products

Furthermore, e-learning solutions can be used internally in an adapted form, i.e. in employer branding, in personnel development as well as in internal familiarization processes (onboarding) and, of course, on a B2C level in a sustainable manner.

The direct way to the target group

  • Flexible use: The units and training modules can be used at any time at any location and on any end device.
  • Target group-oriented approach: The e-learning formats are tailored to the needs of the target group. Various product group differentiations are also possible.
  • Global Reach & Sustainability: Materials are created to target specific audiences around the world. A considerable amount of travel costs can thus be saved.
  • Interactive content ensures rapid learning success: If users are encouraged to interact and actively engage with content, information can be internalized better and for a long time.
  • Following the brain’s path intuitively: Integrating playful elements into a non-playful context increases the likelihood that information will be better retained.
  • Increase brand loyalty: Intuitive and didactic instructional content is far more accessible than a mere list of instructions. Well-presented e-learning can therefore further strengthen brand loyalty.
  • Controlling & monitoring: e-learning provides valuable data that can be used for further company and product development.

As you can see, e-learning brings many benefits. Used as a strategic marketing or product quality assurance tool, it can significantly increase interest among your dealers at the B2B level. We will be happy to advise you!