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Learning nuggets: Continuing education with snack character

It doesn’t take hours of training to accurately convey learning content. With Learning Nuggets, you can do it in bites. We show what it’s all about and why small learning makes sense.

If you’ve read the Winnetou books or pay regular visits to fast food restaurants, you’re probably familiar with the word “nugget.” This basically means a “lump” or “crumb”. And no matter if it’s gold or edibles: A nugget is something small, handy and usually does not come alone. Learning nuggets (also known as “learning nuggets“) are similar. These are small, flexible learning packages that learners can consume in chunks. The e-learning sector is predestined for the use of learning nuggets. But before we get into the specific benefits of this knowledge transfer in snack format, let’s look at the e-didactic method behind the use of learning nuggets: microlearning.

Microlearning: Learning success in small bites

Microlearning is the overarching concept behind learning nuggets. As the word “micro” suggests, this is basically about all learning opportunities that force learning in small bites. Ideally, these morsels can be consumed regardless of time and location. This is intended to promote self-determined, independent learning. The best examples of the use of microlearning are apps that can be used to learn foreign languages. Small tasks like vocabulary queries, which can easily be done at the bus stop or during the coffee break, are the concrete learning nuggets in this case.

Such microlearning offerings are in tune with the times: decreasing attention spans, the widespread use of smartphones, and the constant need for learning on the part of generations Y and Z create the best conditions for learning with the help of small, adequately prepared morsels. And because we’ve just mentioned the generations that are currently flooding into the job market: When it comes to designing learning nuggets, there’s a lot you can learn from the (social) media that Gen Y and Z consume on a daily basis.

Design of learning nuggets: There are no limits to the variety

Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are among the most popular social media channels among current young professionals. Although all these platforms have their own peculiarities, they have two crucial things in common: they thrive on short, quickly consumable content (“snackable content”) and focus on the visual. Reels, Snaps or TikToks are often only a few seconds long and manage to reach users for that very reason. For the design of learning nuggets, this now means the following: If learning content is to reach learners, it must convey the most important things in a short time and be visually appealing. One way to do this: Videos. Similar to the social media giants, companies can bring content closer to employees using short, engaging videos. For example, simple instructions or product updates can be made available as videos that employees can watch individually on their way to work. Corporate values and rules of conduct can also be taught in the form of learning nuggets. Take the declaration of confidentiality, for example: Hardly anyone really reads through this page-long document. However, if the central content of the explanation is presented as a picture series with short infographics or as a quiz, the chance that employees will deal with it more intensively increases. Mini-games that incorporate gamification elements are also a popular form of learning nuggets. In summary: There are virtually no limits to the diversity of Learning Nuggets.

Learning Nuggets: These are the advantages

In all our explanations, we have so far failed to answer one important question: What is the actual benefit of using learning nuggets? Let’s divide this answer into two parts: Benefits for learners and benefits for companies and trainers respectively. First, let’s look at the benefits for learners: With the help of learning nuggets, learners can learn flexibly and independently of work location or time. This guarantees that they will only engage with the content when they are ready and focused. This in turn leads to content being learned more intensively. In addition, learning nuggets are good for targeting e-learning motivators. Live feedback and small rewards after each task increase motivation and subsequently e-learning success. Furthermore, learning nuggets can be used to repeat what has already been learned on one’s own responsibility.
At the same time, all of this results in the first major benefit for companies: The increased learning success of employees usually leads to better performance. But that’s not all: Learning Nuggets can be quickly adapted to new circumstances due to their low complexity. With little effort, a new policy or product can be integrated into the e-learning offering. Once a company invests in establishing a microlearning approach, it saves time and resources in the long run.

Learning Nuggets at skillbest

Even though learning nuggets are an effective means of conveying content in a targeted and effective manner, they have their limitations. Learning nuggetsare useful when the content to be taught is small, preferably self-contained topics. Complex product presentations or delicate contractual clauses are less suitable. In such cases, larger e-learning modules can be much more useful. To illustrate the meaningful use of learning nuggets, let’s look at a small example. The following pictures show an ideal typical executive training based on microlearning. A self-contained topic area, the proper behavior of a leader, is broken down into small learning units. These morsels are packaged in a visually appealing way and target motivational factors of learners.

We created the microlearning-based executive training as an example of our skillcube e-learning format. skillcube uses microlearning to create a playful e-learning experience and breaks down learning content into appropriate learning nuggets against the backdrop of the five skillcube building blocks of attention, learning, interactivity, repetition, and testing.

Now we are at the end of this post and can well understand if you got hungry after all the nugget mentions. As an e-learning provider, it’s not in our power to satisfy your hunger, but we’re always happy to answer questions about learning nuggets, microlearning, or e-learning in general. We are looking forward to your message!