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Create e-Learning course: Professional and individual

As an e-learning agency, our focus is on the development of professional courses that are individually tailored to the needs of our customers. We know that each course is different and is aimed at different audiences. Therefore, it is important to us to develop an individual concept and to include the know-how of our customers. Creating e-learning courses is a complex matter and should therefore always be implemented with experts.

e-Learning Kurs erstellen

Good e-learning brings learning success!

Step 1: Needs analysis

At the beginning of every course development is a needs analysis. Together with our clients, we determine the goals of the course and the target group for which the course is designed. This involves tailoring the learning content and design of the course to the needs of the target group.

Step 2: Concept

After the needs analysis, we create a concept for the course. Here we determine what learning content is to be taught, what methods will be used and what design the course will have. The duration of the course is also determined.

Step 3: Course creation

After the conception we start with the actual creation of the course. Here we rely on a combination of texts, images and videos to make the learning content varied. Interactive elements such as quizzes or case studies can also be used to make learning more interesting.

Step 4: Quality control

After completion of the creation of the course, a comprehensive quality control is carried out. Here, the course is tested for its functionality and the teaching of the learning content. The usability and design of the course are also checked.

Step 5: Publication and feedback

After successful quality control, the course will be published. We assist our customers in this process and support them in integrating the course into their learning platform. Even after publication, we are available for feedback and support to ensure that the course achieves the desired results.

Creating e-learning courses is a complex task!

Creating e-learning courses is a complex task that requires thorough planning and implementation. An important factor in the creation of e-learning courses is the target audience. It is important to know who the course is intended to reach and what previous knowledge the participants have. Based on this information, we can design the course content and design accordingly.

Another important aspect is the selection of appropriate methods to convey the learning content. We rely on a combination of different elements such as texts, images and videos to make the learning process varied and interesting. Interactive elements such as quizzes and case studies can also be used to enhance and deepen learning.

Of course, it is also important that the course works technically flawlessly and is displayed optimally on various end devices. Therefore, in addition to the analysis of the target group, the analysis of the target terminals also counts. This should be discussed especially at the start of the project.

Once the course is completed, it is always recommended to set up a feedback loop with a subset of the target group, there the evaluation can be a bit more extensive. However, caution is advised here, not every feedback should result in an update, only those that are naturally relevant to the entire target group.