e-Learning Content Creator

e-Learning Content Creator: Leave learning content to the professionals

Away with the mass-produced goods! Effective e-learning is based on well thought-out, target group-specific content.

Few questions have been asked by companies as often in our 18 years in the e-learning business as the following: “Why aren’t employees adopting the e-learning we provide them ourselves?” After taking a look at the relevant offerings, the answer was usually obvious: “Because it’s mass produced and ignores the needs of the learner!” By “mass-produced” we mean e-learning offerings that, strictly speaking, do not deserve this name. These are superficial courses that do not address, or only rudimentarily address, concrete activities and working conditions of the learners. Elements that make up good e-learning – interactive learning methods, storytelling or gamification – are usually sought in vain. Sometimes they are more poorly done translations of e-learning offerings from other regions where conditions are different. Employees recognize this and question the e-learning offering – and rightly so. As a company, you can’t expect to achieve a satisfactory learning outcome. The good news is that there are two ways to solve this problem. First, internal resources can be used to design an e-learning offering. On the other hand – and this is usually the more successful way – an e-learning content creator can help to put the training measures on a sustainable foundation in terms of content. We will now take a closer look at how exactly this works and what an e-learning content creator brings to the table in detail.

e-Learning Content Creator: Script Development Professionals

At the beginning of every e-learning concept is the question: What should the target group be able to do in the end? The specific learning content is then derived from these learning objectives. You get the idea: successful e-learning is based on a bottom-up approach and does not follow a top-down method like the ineffective commodity. The learning objectives are defined by the companies themselves. When it comes to learning content, it’s good to get advice from professionals. An e-learning content creator works with in-house experts to find content that is relevant to the target group, brings in external expertise, and uses this to build examples based on the needs of the learners. You could also say that e-learning content creators are the scriptwriters of e-learning offerings, the brains behind the eventual learning success.

But that’s not all: an e-learning content creator also provides valuable support in other subject areas, for example:

  • Leadership
    • Team development
    • Delegation talks
  • Communication & Soft Skills
    • Moderation and feedback
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Time management
    • Preparation of presentations/pitches
  • Project Management & Agile Working
    • Basics according to IPMA
    • Agile frameworks (SCRUM, Kanban etc.)
  • Methodology
    • Storytelling
    • Creativity techniques

Additional benefits from an e-learning content creator

An e-learning content creator not only spruces up a company’s e-learning, but also indirectly helps with employer branding. A unique e-learning offering tailored precisely to the needs of employees increases acceptance and motivation. Learners see why it makes sense to engage with the learning content and appreciate that their employer provides them with a targeted e-learning experience. This positive mood among the workforce can be further enhanced by small incentives such as participation certificates or certificates in the company’s corporate design. An e-learning content creator considers even such trifles from the very beginning.

Best of all, since the e-Learning offering was built using the e-Learning Content Creator, it’s a flat-rate offering. There are no license fees and – if maintenance is handled by the company itself – no ongoing costs.

If you find an e-learning content creator with all these benefits or would like to learn more about e-learning benefits in general, we look forward to hearing from you.