Why software simulation boosts your team performance

Software simulation for more training efficiency

Successful introduction of new software

Increasingly complex software permeates more and more work processes – but can employees really operate the new software and how efficient is the introduction phase? Our experience as an e-learning provider shows that most companies produce a lot of empty mileage instead of “teaching” mileage when implementing new software. Thanks to software simulation e-learning there are no didactic friction losses.

The key features of software simulations:

  • Conveying learning content in the best possible way
  • Processes intuitively internalized
  • Encourage individual learning
  • Do not waste resources

Keep software simulation maintenance low by not "filming off"!

Large e-learnings should be divided into chapters, but don’t forget to provide feedback on learning success and progress!

Present software realistically & understandably

Software simulation is much more than linear filming of the functionality – in contrast to lengthy tutorial videos, interactive operation captivates the user much more. Because a “normal person” usually stays concentrated for only about 8 seconds at a time. Also, the knowledge gained settles much better. Research shows: Interactive learning videos push the learner’s attention.

Our 3-Point Success Method:

  1. Theory: Remote training for basic understanding
  2. Exercise: Interactive exercise scenarios with virtual experts consolidate the acquired knowledge in practice
  3. Quiz: deepening knowledge and familiarization with all processes

Participants and attendees should be allowed to experience the software for themselves! Encourage the development of appropriate assignments to turn theory content into practice content.

How to support your sales

Especially as a software provider, you need to be able to present excellently and train customers quickly or sustainably – whether on new software or updates. The more time you or your employees invest in it, often not at all with the desired results, the less profitable it becomes. And the more troublesome or frustrating for your customers. Use software simulation e-learning from skillbest – and both sides will win.

Many companies already use apps or make them available to end customers! A software simulation explains the operation!

Applications & Advantages of Software Simulation

  1. Onboarding
    If you or your customers are onboarding new employees, then software simulation including e-learning provides valuable services. Who doesn’t know the case where new team members – in corona times the situation is even more aggravated – often struggle with the company software for weeks and don’t understand important parts. Here, many time and financial resources are simply left on the street.
  2. Training of new processes
    “Man is a creature of habit” – but the easier it is to establish a new habit through software simulation, the faster existing habits are changed or overridden – all in the interest of work efficiency.
  3. Individual developments
    In the case of software, the case of a stand-alone software adaptation often arises, which creates a high need for consolidation among users. The extension of existing software simulation is also suitable for these custom cases.
  4. Process understanding
    Software simulation also raises awareness of why a process looks like this or that and how to react within the software. Hardly surprising: If you understand why something was done exactly the way it was, you will find it much easier to use.
  5. Professional presentations
    Anyone who has ever presented software knows how much more activating a tool is when interactions are possible right away.
    This increases the chances of success and favors short test phases, as customers immediately recognize functionalities.
  6. Solve tasks interactively
    We humans are problem solvers and are motivated to learn the most and the fastest through a sense of achievement. Therefore, customers or employees should not be deprived of this motivational injection through software simulation e-learning – by the way, this effect is also contagious and can advance the whole team.
  7. Better than any live system
    A common fallacy, in addition to one-dimensional tutorial videos, is that you can get good results based on live system operation. Success rates may be slightly higher, but still far below what is possible. This is because there is a lack of a defined training framework, a predefined knowledge development path, and the small partial successes that make the motivation curve rise. Therefore: software simulation e-learning is more instructive and lively than live system entries where you can “try around”.
  8. Conservation of internal resources
    There are sometimes frighteningly high figures circulating regarding the use of colleagues’ time for software problems – the number of unreported cases is probably even higher. With software simulation, you kill two birds with one stone: The learning employees reach their learning goal quickly, effectively and directly, while the knowledgeable colleagues can pursue their core tasks. Due to the structure according to topics, you can find everything at a glance in Software Simulation Solutions with e-Learning from skillbest.

How do we get our software simulation solution?

Quite simply, skillbest presents realistic situations in e-learning and also generates additional elements that are conducive to the learning effect and training objectives. All training courses are adapted exactly to your corporate design.

Successful use of software can be learned better this way – playfully, barrier-free, multilingual and highly motivated.

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