LXP provider - learning experience provider

e-Learning, it works and inspires

We see ourselves not only as an e-learning forge, but also as an LXP provider. Specifically, this means: We create learning experiences that work and inspire.

Ever since skillbest was founded, we have been convinced: e-learning, which also deserves the name, needs an e-didactic foundation as well as timely and topic-appropriate preparation and must address the needs of the learners. It’s more than clicking through presentations or unwinding through tedious explainer videos. Successful e-learning means creating a holistic, positive learning experience. e-Learning not only has to be effective and convey content accurately, but also inspire. Keyword Learning Experience. That’s why we see ourselves not only as an e-learning provider, but also as a learning experience provider / LXP provider. We enable learners to have positive learning experiences and relieve companies of the training and further education of their employees.

LXP provider

Successful e-Learning and LXP belong together

Our focus is on the e-didactic conception of tailor-made e-learning courses. Or as we like to say: e-learning experiences.

Today it is no longer enough to fob off learners with loveless and poorly designed learning offers. e-Learning has to follow a common thread, be flexible and take people with it. Everything else is a bad investment for companies in the long term, which permanently inhibits the motivation of the learners and subsequently the company’s success. After a bad e-learning experience, it is not the learning content that is the topic of discussion among the employees, but the poor quality of the e-learning. We think: this can be done better.

As a professional LXP provider, we strive from the very first letter in our e-didactic concepts to create effective learning experiences that inspire. We focus on the needs of the learners and rely on storytelling, interactivity and a sophisticated mix of methods.

skillbest as an LXP provider ...

... inspires enthusiasm

With our innovative e-learning formats, we inspire learners and create learning experiences that will be remembered.

e-learning didactic
... offers holistic solutions

For us, e-learning always has something to do with sustainable success. That is why we develop holistic solutions that have a long-term effect.

e-Learning company
... caters to your needs

Our learning experience design is based on your company values and the needs of your employees.

individuelles e-learning
... makes content easy to understand

We also transform very extensive topics such as data protection or compliance into effective learning experiences.

... thinks outside the (digital) box

We also look at your past e-learning offers or face-to-face training courses and bring them into the planning.

learning design
... is innovative

As a professional learning experience provider, we are constantly working on new findings and methods for digital knowledge processing and transfer.

Our mission as an LXP provider: We offer holistic solutions that work and inspire.

e-learning formats

Digitization needs good ideas. skillbest has them.

As a professional e-learning company from Austria, our services not only include conventional e-learning services – we also offer our customers new and inspiring creative solutions for everything to do with digitization.

e-learning company
skillvid interactive learning videos
Interactive learning videos

With skillvid you use an e-learning format that can simulate real situations. The learning content is presented in the form of an interview and is perfect for training courses that focus on social skills – such as sales training or negotiation skills.

Escape room

The virtual representation of an escape room relies on the tension factor in learning. This e-learning format enables you to identify tasks for your employees and assign them task-related premises or situations.

skilltour - digital company and factory tours
Digital factory and company presentations

Whether you are a global player or have a corporate location; With a combination of different media, skilltour enables you not only to present your company in the best possible way to newcomers, but also to your customers. Start the big tour!

Digital photo story

Don’t let the cult classic from the print media fool you. It is timeless and offers a didactic approach with exciting storytelling, especially for the e-learning area!



The way forwards to individualContent development

Individual content development makes the difference between off-the-shelf training and training that is individually tailored to you.

Build on your company’s know-how and strengthen it with unique e-learning training courses.